Roger Quadflieg

Roger Quadflieg
Roger Quadflieg, Reiki – Master , Shiatsu Operator , Holistic – Spiritual and Divine Straightening Operator

Reiki – Master, Shiatsu Operator, SIAF Holistic – Trainer and Divine Straightening Operator ®

Roger Quadflieg has Belgian origins. He was born in Hasselt, capital of the province of Limburg, in the Flemish part of the country and lives in Martinengo, (Bergamo, Italy), since 1983.

As the first Divine Straightening operator in Italy, Roger was formed in Germany at the school of the Master, Pjotr Elkunoviz.

In 1997 I became interested in an alternative healing (Reiki) for trying to solve some serious personal problems of health, and from that moment on, a new world of knowledge opened up before my eyes and mind. So, I attended the school of Shiatsu in Milan for three years, I took the diploma and only ten years later, in 2007, I approached the technique of Divine Straightening. Actually , I had heard of a new method of healing that was practiced in Germany and, after I was informed, I turned to Alexander Toscar, son of Pjotr Elkunoviz , at Freiburg. I attended the first three workshops of the realignment in his school for healers, founded by his father, but later to continue the training in this discipline I had to speak to Pjotr at Rohr (Roth, Bavaria) , and attend other three seminars . I finished my training in May 2008 and two years later Pjotr recognized me as his representative in Italy for the Divine Straightening. From that moment I started to take care of this discipline with great results. ».

Spiritual healing is the medicine of Love