Divine Straightening

fisioterapia-spirit-1Divine Straightening means the realization of the Divine Order. The person undergoing the Divine Straightening moves its usual way of thinking, setting the stage for a next step development of both thinking and acting.

When a person receives this Grace, the gentle healing energy pervades his whole body , from the cells to the glands, and even his senses. So , the individual who was treated becomes one with the Whole System and this new relationship will not melt ever.

Divine Straightening takes place in a single session , after which the one who has been treated in this way will help you to relax with a further specific treatment, targeted to their needs, whether physical , mental or emotional.

With Divine Straightening l going to balance or align precisely the asymmetry congenital birth. Initially , if you look at the shoulders are at the same height , if the head is straight and centered on the body , if the bust has undergone a deviation to the right rather than the left , if the spinal column is crooked (scoliosis ) or less and , still if the shoulder blades , the iliac crests , the arches rib and buttocks are the same height or not. Then the person lies down in supine position on a couch. At that moment , you check in a reclining position, but also sitting, if the legs have the same length and if the malleoli are parallels.

We take first a picture of lower limbs and Divine Straightening proceeds without any physical contact. It is a few seconds , after which the person is completely straight . It is again a further snapshot of the legs , so the subject matter can directly verify the result , and finally once again performs all checks made ​​at the beginning of the session to see the success of the Divine Straightening.

Divine Straightening can be applied on individuals of all ages , even on pregnant women and animals and it is shown that babies of pregnant women treated , as well as the puppies of females subjected to the realignment , born perfectly aligned . This discipline is also recommended in the spirit of those who suffer , who are not able to solve their existential crisis and who can not relate peacefully with the people around.