roger-mimmaI’m Roger Quadflieg and with my partner, Mimma Fedele, we are very pleased to present our new website that describes exactly the what we do together for some time with passion and love.

The activity in which Mimma and I dedicate full time for several years now is called Divine Straightening and it is thanks to this kind of treatment,conceived and developed with great success by the Master Pjotr Elkunoviz, we can offer to the people who come to us with expectations of concrete and certain healing benefits.

Actually, the method we refer is not based on scientific experiments but on empirical basis, but immediately offers to those who submit to the Divine Straightening treatment a concrete proof of immediate results. This is possible thanks to Energy that we engage in any single session.

With Divine Straightening treatment people who can be cured suffer in body or in spirit.

With great hope to meet you and meet your needs, we invite you to follow us on this website.

Roger Quadflieg & Domenica Fedele